The Horror of the Mundane




look what you can buy

There is a Pope in the Cars universe. This means that there is Catholic Christianity, which means there was a Jesus car who was crucified. Jesus Chrysler was crucified by car Romans under Pontiac Pilot who washed his wheels. A car was nailed to a cross and ascended to Heaven.

Tbh I took a quick glance and thought it was Doug Dimmadome owner of the Dimmsdale Dimmadome’s car


How to use sand to freak people out

Imagine if some guy was tripping and saw the woman, runs up to help her and she just crumbles apart in his hands. That’s gonna take the trip south.

dude i think our babies can talk

Let’s have some Jason because why not.

I hope everyone enjoyed Batman Day as much as I did. You all know Thanos is my favorite comic character but Batman is an important part of my childhood and he’s the reason I started reading comics in the first place. So it’s been fun going back through his 75 year history.
That’s why I’m so hard on the New 52 Batman. I know Snyder’s run has been good (although it ‘s been hit or miss for me recently) and Batman Earth One is also good, but they’re not great. My problem with New 52 is the fact that all of Batman’s continuity before 2011 is erased. That’s a shame because a lot of it was terrific. I wouldn’t complain if DC was matching what they had previously, but they aren’t and they never will.
So as long as Batman Year One is no longer canon, I’m no longer a fan of Batman as he exists now.
Happy Somber Batman Day, Everyone. We now return to regular scheduled comic posts.


Martin & Cracker

what kind of name is martin for a dog